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Busy Opening Day


Dear Farmer Jim and the family and staff of the Jowett House Farm,


We would like to thank you for a truly exceptional day out yesterday, and thought you might like to know the impressions your efforts leave on both the children and the grown-ups who come to the Maize Maze each year.


Well thought-out, well-staffed, and good value for money, the Maize Maze gave us tremendous family entertainment -  and for a whole day there were no televisions and no computer games!


The maize itself is a masterpiece of ingenuity, and voted as “superb” by the seven children in our group. Almost as popular, the mini-mazes cut into the grass were just as much fun. The other activities kept them moving, occupied and happy whilst the parents managed to relax and enjoy the company of each other, supervising from a safe distance and always within view and earshot. The snacks were excellent, with the bacon sandwiches a firm joint-favourite with the ice-cream. The staff were friendly and accommodating, but the real star of the show was Farmer Jim. The tractor ride has been the subject of much discussion since, with valuable and enjoyable insights into the farming lifestyle. Described as a “natural orator”, the farmer gave the children a true-life experience into a world they only usually see on TV, devoid of the smells and textures of the animals and their food.


Overall, our group of 7 children and 14 adults were extremely happy with their day out, a farewell picnic for one family who are leaving the UK and returning to Australia after a one-year contract in the UK. We wanted to give them a uniquely British experience, and would like to thank you for helping us achieve that.


We are truly grateful for the investment of time and effort that goes into such an event, and wish you every success in this and all future Maize Mazes!


Kind regards,


Michelle Brown 
26th July 2009

Fantastic Maze Masters

Just to say what a very happy day we spent with you on Monday - a really successful day out with our 4 and 2 year old grandsons.  We were so lucky with the weather (poor you yesterday!) and it was so lovely being able to relax and watch them play in safety and freedom - and not an electronic, hi-tec piece of entertainment in sight.  Such a delight!  The maze was great, the food was excellent and the tractor ride a great success, too.  Your young helpers were charming and we all learnt a great deal.  At bedtime, the little ones were read a story about Percy the Park Keeper and a secret maze - they were soon asleep and slept for England.  "Can we go to the Maize Maze again?"  "We hope so".  
Many thanks,
David and Chris Laude, and Edward and Thomas Trickett.
13 August 2008

"Brilliant. Fantastic idea took me back to my childhood. Please do it again! ... Superb! An excellent afternoon's entertainment enjoyed by all the family."
"Brilliant - how to get children to walk miles without grumbling!"
"Had a fantastic time - been under more bridges than on the M1 from Leeds to London. Can't wait for next year."
"A great time. I really enjoyed it. What a good use of the natural environment."
" Had a great long walk and had to be rescued by an 8 year old. Forgive me for not signing my name!"
Group just found quiz answer
"Just wanted to say thank you for a great day out earlier this year.

We have been to other mazes and had a good time, but yours has been by far the best. As foster parents we often struggle to find something to entertain the diverse needs of all the kids we have, but I can safely say that we all had a great time.

In particular I would like to pass on my thanks to all your staff. It is rare to go to go somewhere and find all the staff so helpful and friendly. They made a point of asking if we were going on OK. They didn't spend time nattering to each other but had showed a genuine interest in the visitors attending. And the tractor ride was an added bonus. Not only was it a ride on a tractor which was a dream come true for one of our lads, but we learnt a lot too!

Thanks again and we look forward to next year."

Best Regards
Pete Sherrington
29 September 2006

Calendar filming on first press day


As seen on TV ...

The Maize Maze at Cawthorne has received excellent reviews, including those from the BBC (Look North), Sky News and ITV (Calendar), The Guardian and The Independent.

The Maize Maze at Cawthorne was featured on ITV's "Get Away", a programme of ideas for days out.


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