Get Lost in the amazing Maize Maze at Cawthorne


The Maize Maze at Cawthorne is run by "Our family for your family". We have the flexibility to cater for your group's individual needs. Please phone us. Our motto is "if we can - we will". We can BBQ for children's parties, keeping it simple or be a little more adventurous for adults.

Groups have ranged from Bank Managers to Brass Bands. Maize Maizes are an ideal venue for Cubs, Brownies, and other youth groups. Playschemes return annually. It is a novel office "Away day" or team bonding experience. So what are you waiting for - get a group together!

Maize Mazes make a great outing for schools. We can expand a visit to include practical talks on parts of the National Curriculum. We have a wind turbine at the farm and solar panels, so we can be a good link to renewable energies and carbon footprints. We make the Maizie Moo Ice Cream here on the farm.

September Evenings have become very popular with Brownies and Guides, Cubs and Scouts. If your group is not large, don't worry; we try and have evenings where we combine several small groups together. The children love finding their way around the maze as it gets dark with torches and then home-made burgers from our BBQ and farm made Maize Moo ice-cream to finish the evening off.


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